Custom Cabinetry of Distinction with Unlimited Options

Design & Fabrication Specialists

"Our cabinets are hand constructed out of ¾” plywood, with ¼” wood backs. Not particle board or MDF like most big box stores"

Kitchen Cabinets


Find a piece that speaks to you, and use that as an inspiration spring board. Pull colors from it, and build on it. It can be a throw pillow, a piece of artwork, or even something as simple as a dish towel.


We offer custom color matches for our cabinetry. We've matched colors to magazine photos, a picture frame, existing woodwork, an antique piece of furniture, a towel etc.


Our cabinets are built to fit your space within a 16th of an inch eliminating the need for fillers. We build heirloom quality cabinetry by combining modern technology with craftsmanship.

“Don’t be afraid to give your space character. Our homes aren’t supposed to be showpieces, but rather ever-evolving representations of the people who live in them.”
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