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Custom Cabinetry of Distinction


We do all of this in our showroom and swap out the samples so you can see different combinations together. Then, if needed, we often recommend you take all of the samples home so you can see them in your space.

Our design process is different for each client.

Some come to us with a specific look in mind...French Country, All white cabinets with marble countertops, Craftsman, etc.


Others have a source of inspiration we go off…

A dishtowel, A rooster collection, cabinets to look just like the ones her grandma had

Some show as a picture they found on Pinterest or Houzz or in a magazine


Others don’t know what they want and look to us for guidance.

When that happens, we work together with them to discover their style by showing examples of different cabinet styles, stain, and Solid Color Choices. When Curtis is on-site for the original consultation he takes mental notes of the client's style and the style of the rest of their home.


If we were to put an order to it, it would go as follows

  • Solid Color Finish or Stain? (Solid color covers all-grain)

  • If stained, then wood species

  • Cabinet color

  • Cabinet style

  • Full OverlayInsetModified Inset½ Overlay

  • Cabinet door style - Raised panelFlat PanelRail and Style ProfileDoor Edge

  • Countertop Selections /Countertop Edge Detail

  • Sink Selection

  • Floor material, color, and finish

  • Cabinet Hardware

  • If glass doors, what type of glass

  • Backsplash Tile

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