Inspirational Ideas

Tuck it away

Cleverly disguised within the cabinets, eliminating an unsightly trash can in the room or under the sink

Small Trash Pullout.jpg
Full Size Trash.JPG
Spice it up!

Rather than alphabetizing your spices, we suggest placing the ones you use the most towards the front… after all, how often do you use your "Allspice"?

Spice Drawer.jpg
It's okay to be "shallow"

When it comes to cabinets, that is. Without a doubt, the most organized storage in your kitchen should be your pantry. 


A shallow cabinet can also serve as a great cleaning closet, with room to hang your mops, swifter’s, and cleaning products. This is a great example of utilizing every inch for functional storage.

Before & After

This client got their inspiration from a magazine and brought use of the page. We designed the whole kitchen around this inspiration and range hood.

So if you've seen it on the internet, a friends home, on TV, or in a book, bring it to us and we will make it happen!

Briggs Magazine Pic.jpg